Cuphead smash moveset

Yep, another moveset from months ago; will like to shine on it now since it's been a while or something. Without further ado, let's do this. Up Smash: Juggles Cards from side to side and they go above King Dice, this is repeated 2 times, before he puts them back in his sleeve.

Made in abyss: dawn of the deep soul |

Side Special: Casino Assistant - King Dice sends out any of the 9 Casino Bosses and they all do something different, Tipsy Troop spills alcohol across the floor and induces tripping. Chips Bettigan separates himself while spinning and moves forward. Wheezy rises up and spits a fireball that circles around. Pip and Dot send out a Domino Bird that flies towards the opponent.

Hopus Pocus does the Skull Trick and they close in, it only works when the opponent is near. Phear Lap unleashes a Blue Present from his ribs. Pirouletta spins around and some balls are flunged onto both sides. Mangosteen fires a Plasma Ball forward and lastly, Mister Chimes claps his cymbals in front of him dealing a huge stun but is pretty weak, good for starting off combos. Down Special: Hi-De-Hole - King Dice jumps and spins with his arms facing upwards and a shadow on the ground appears, and you can command where to move it, if King Dice jumps into the surface again underneath the opponent, the Opponent is launched up high.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Side Tilt: Claps like he does to spawn a Parriable Dice.

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Side Smash: Slaps forward aggresively. Nair: Spins like Pirouletta. Fair: Kicks forward. Forward Throw: King Dice dashes forward and shoulder charges through the opponent. Back Throw: King Dice throws the opponent like a disc behind him. I hope you enjoyed. Super Smash Bros.Welcome to Smashboards, the world's largest Super Smash Brothers community! OverSmash Bros. You are currently viewing our boards as a visitor. Click here to sign up right now and start on your path in the Smash community!

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Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. It appears that you are using ad block :'. Hey, we get it.Official artwork of Cuphead from Cuphead.

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He is an anthropomorphic teacup whose design pays homage to vintage cartoon characters like Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse. Despite the Elder Kettle's warnings, the brothers wandered far away from their home and found themselves at the Devil's Casino.

Their winning streak impressed the casino's owner, the Devil, who tempted them by betting all of the casino's riches, promising to take away the brothers' souls should they lose. Blinded by greed and ignorant of his brother's warning, Cuphead rolled the dice, but ultimately lost the gamble.

With the brothers pleading for their lives spared, the Devil cut a deal with them, letting them live should they retrieve the soul contracts of the debtors who previously gambled with him. After receiving a potion from the Elder Kettle that allowed them to fire bullets through finger snaps, the brothers set off to collect the soul contracts, encountering the Devil's cronies along the way. After Cuphead and Mugman returned all of the contracts, the Devil offers them the choice of handing the contracts to him and have them join his team.

After refusing, they defeat the Devil and burn the soul contracts, releasing the debtors from his grasp. Cuphead appears as a downloadable Mii Gunner costume as part of Round 5 for Ultimate. He is the second indie character to appear as a Mii costume, following Sans. Upon downloading the costume, the song Floral Fury is unlocked as an additional music track in the "Other" category. Like Sans, Cuphead appears as a fully modeled character; his "mask" is just his head, instead of a mask with the Mii's face visible like other character-based costumes.

Much like in his game, his "gun" is simply his hand in reference to the myriad of attacks that Cuphead performs by making a gun formation with his fingers. Cuphead's reveal trailer makes many references to his game. It opens with an imitation of the storybook-style opening of Cupheadwith the screenshot closely matching to its first "page".

Said screenshot features has a Villager using a bug net resembling Mugman and uses the phrase "a good day for a swell battle", something that's said before boss fights. Mushroomy Kingdom is used in the trailer, referencing the sepia colour palette and grained filter of Cuphead. The Cuphead Mii Gunner uses moves that are similar to weapons from the game: Bomb Drop mirrors the Lobber, and forward smash and forward aerial both mirror the Peashooter.

In addition, the way the screen scrolls, the Gunner's usage of projectiles, and the usage of Stamina mode, all reference the "Run-and-Gun" minigames that appear in the game.

The characters fought in his reveal trailer are references to various bosses from his game: Piranha Plant represents Cagney Carnation whose theme song, "Floral Fury", is the track included with the costume ; blue Kirby represents Goopy Le Grande; green Charizard represents Grim Matchstick; and Falco represents Wally Warbles.

Cuphead (SSBC)

His reveal ends on New Pork Citywhich resembles the Devil's Casino due to its flashing neon signs and searchlights; the stage is also used for his spirit battle. Additionally, Cuphead appears as a spiritreleased via a Spirit Board event on February 14, Articles on Wikia and Gamepedia.

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Super Smash Bros. 6/Cuphead

Navigation Main page Smash Bros.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Undertale Store Page. Global Achievements. Zoracs View Profile View Posts. My dreams will stay dreams, never tell me otherwise. First up some things you'll need to know. Lag levels: Atrocious, Sorta slow, Barely Noticeable, normal assume it's this if there is no stated lagOk!

Speed: 1. Weight: LightWeight. A tiny bit more defensive than Mr.

cuphead smash moveset

Special Ability: Sans can turn the enemy Blue. Blue status halves damage enemy deals for 4 attacks MultiHits count as oneafter that it goes away. The Moveset begins here. Almost None knockback except for the last hit, which is Small. Small range.

Sorta slow end lag. Moderate range and knockback. Last edited by Zoracs ; 6 Sep, pm.

cuphead smash moveset

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Odyessy View Profile View Posts. Damn, that's cool. I'd like his final smash to be His final attack before his special attack.

Someone had a lot of time on their hands nah, it's still neat though. Serell View Profile View Posts. Joker View Profile View Posts. Not anymore, Sans deconfirmed, he's now a Mii Costume.

Blowheaded View Profile View Posts. Well it not the first time some one want to make Sans move set. I saw it on youtube and many on some other steam thread. Jesus what was I thinking. I made this back in high school and holy god its such a bad moveset. I'm surprised you guys found it pretty cool. Originally posted by Zoracs :.There is plenty of excitement circulating in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community with the recent reveal of a plethora of new content coming to the title shortly.

Some of this content will be focused on a variety of new costumes that players will be able to get for their Mii fighters. This group of new Mii Fighter costumes includes one that will let players fight as the main character from the fan-favorite game of Cuphead. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get the Cuphead Mii costume covered for you. The Cuphead Mii costume will become available for the community to acquire when it is added to the title on January 28th.

You will then have the ability to buy them from the Nintendo Switch shop. There is no doubt that there will be plenty of excited players who will be rocking the newly added Costumes and other cosmetic items when they are officially added on January 28th. Do you want to learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate besides how to get the Cuphead Mii costume? If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the popular game or three of our most recent pieces of coverage below:.

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Cuphead/Super Smash Bros Ultra.

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How To Use The Cuphead Outfit! Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Comments Read this article. Sign in to join the discussion or register for an account Sign in. Order Newest Oldest.Cuphead is the main protagonist in the indie game Cuphead and a future playable character in Super Smash Bros Conquest. Super Smash: Invincibility Cuphead uses a super of which can make him invincible for a short time. Final Smash: Power Ghost Cuphead uses another super but this time it summons a beefy ghost version of him and starts to chase the player.

UP: Cuphead takes out his list of contracts that he collected and then crumbles it and tosses it in the trash. The Devil comes over and then tells the two boys that if they lose, the devil takes their souls. And if they win, they can have all the loot in the casino. To nobodys surprise, they both lost. The boys beg the devil not to take their souls.

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The Devil then pulls out a parchment and tells the boys to collect runaway debtors before midnight or else the devil would take their souls. And if they collect all of them in time, the devil may spare them.

So now Cuphead and Mugman are embarking on a dangerous journey to try and save themselves from eternal death. Cuphead is ranked 6 A on the tier list. I planned on the two of us being friends, but it seems like nobody can get along in this stupid fighting club shindig! Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.A breakdown of Byleth's moveset in Smash Ultimate so you can prepare yourself for the arrival of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses protagonist. Revealed in a special Super Smash Bros. Direct, Byleth is the final character coming in Fighter Pass 1. Just like previous DLC fighters, they do things a bit differently, bringing a unique weapon system to the game. Rather than another direct swordfighter, Byleth makes use of Sword, lance, axe and bow based on their direction of attack.

Looking for what else is coming with Byleth? Click here to see all the new Mii Costumes like Cuphead and Altair!

cuphead smash moveset

Neutral specials use the bow Failnaught, Upward smashes and specials use the Sword of the Creator, forward specials and smashes use the lance Areadbhar, and down specials and smashes use the axe Amyr. Byleth attacks in unison with Sothis, striking forward with their sword and hitting enemies in front with decent range.

Want to see the moves listed above in action? Watch the reveal showcase by Masahiro Sakurai in the video embedded below:. Think they have what it takes to rise up the ranks of our tier list? Let us know down in the comments below! If you're looking ahead to Fighter Pass 2, these are the characters we think would make a fitting addition.

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